Pylon Signs

The sheer height of Pylon Signs makes them ideal for capturing the attention of passersby and gives a powerful impact on potential customers. Pylon Sign Board is a freestanding structure, which can be single-sided or double-sided. The Pylon signage is made of steel and aluminum frame with a flexible or rigid face and is supported by one or two poles. Pylon board signs are also called freestanding signs or pole signs. Pylon Signage Design can be unilluminated or illuminated using fluorescent lamps or LED lighting. The Pylon signboards are preferred by various kinds of businesses such as Pubs, clubs, motels, hotels, apartment complexes, movie theaters, business parks, shopping plazas, gas stations, car dealerships, and retail stores, and many more.

Quick Signage can customize Pylon Signs according to your specifications and crafts appealing board signs that best meet your expectations and take your brand to new heights. To increase the strength and durability of Pylon signage, our graphic designers use aluminum coverings for making most parts of signs that are welded to a steel frame. Even, our workers use computer-generated graphics for Pylon Signage Design that enhances its precision and appeal.

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     Tremendous Uses of Pylon Signs

     With the Pylon Sign Board, you can easily draw a motorist’s attention from far away. Pole sign boards are used to make the company’s name and brand logo on display. These signs can be constructed with artificial or real masonry elements like stone, brick, metal, and stucco, etc. You can also find the Pylon Signs at malls or shopping centers.

    In addition to it, the Pylon signage gives an astounding level of visibility to your brand because Pylon boards can rise above obstructions. The Pylon Signage Design boards are often used for industries located around major trafficked places such as interstates, highways, and bridges.

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