Frequently Asked Questions


(Macintosh or compatible format)
Illustrator CS5, Photoshop CS5, InDesign CS5, Acrobat PDF with fonts outlined or supplied and CMYK.


CD, DVD, FTP, e-mail, USB Flash, You Send It etc.

Layout Size

  • Large Format (over 3sqm)
. Set up at 1:10 scale and scan CMYK at 300 DPI.
  • Posters and Small / Medium Format (under 3sqm). 
Set up at 1:1 scale and scan CMYK at 100 DPI.
  • Allow 50 – 100mm bleed beyond final size when possible.
  • Set up document with the correct proportions.
  • Sizes stated on orders and in artwork should be width x height. Eg. 1000 x 2000 is portrait. 2000 x 1000 is landscape.
  • For banners including pockets, please keep any text, logos or important artwork away from the pocket edges. As a guide, in order to avoid joins through text and logos please keep them (“pocket size” + 50mm) away from the edge.
  • Please ensure that supplied artwork is named in a manner to correspond with your order so we can easily identify which artwork is for which section of your order.

Layout Format

  • Please disable overprint unless required for a special purpose.
Please be aware that when features such as overprint are used the effects may not be visible on your PDF proof. Special features that force different things to happen once a job is ripped are the responsibility of the supplier of the artwork. We will not be held responsible for print errors which occur as a result of incorrect overprint or trapping settings.
  • Please remove all profiles from .TIF files.
  • Please save all TIF files as Mac format.
  • Please avoid linking to layered TIF or PSD files
  • Crop all image data in placed link files so that they are no physically larger than necessary.
  • Please do not use transparency or effects interacting with objects using PMS colours.

PDF Files

  • Outline all fonts. Ensure PDF is CMYK.
  • Create your PDF using Acrobat Distiller. This is preferable to using any “export” or “save as” features in your design software.
  • Please contact us for our specific Distiller Settings.

File Size

    Limit file sizes to:

  • 100MB for CD / DVD / FTP
  • 5MB for E-mail (ensure artwork supplied via email is set up at 1:10 scale, NOT 1:1).
  • Time involved in setup and printer rip of files over this limit may incur additional charges. Any artwork containing Illustrator Live Trace content must be supplied in .EPS format, and under the file size limit.


  • All screen and printer fonts must be supplied or outlined.
  • If supplying fonts via FTP or email please zip them to avoid corruption.
  • Avoid the use of True Type Fonts where possible


  • Please supply files as CMYK (not RGB).
  • Please set all solid black to C 50%, M 50%, Y 50%, K 100%.
  • If a specific colour is required, a Pantone colour or colour sample must be supplied. Pantone colours will be matched to our printers closest CMYK equivalent.
  • Exact colour matches may not always be possible.
  • Please supply colour proof for reference.

Linked Files

  • Please supply all linked and embedded files.
  • Images that are embedded in a file may not be colour corrected.
  • Supply layered working PSD files when possible.

FTP Server

  • Please contact us for artwork upload details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why make payment before uploading files?
We do this for your online security purposes only. We also review all orders and if there are ever an issues, we will either try to fix it ourselves or let you know what needs to be done. If for any reason the issue cannot be corrected, then we can offer you design services to re-create what you need or we can offer a full refund.
What is a business day?
One business day is 24 hours: Today does not count as a business day, today to tomorrow is 1 business day. Weekends & holidays do not count as a business days.
Our daily cut-off time is 11:00 am, anything past that would add 1 business day to your order.

Printing time frames are based on ready-to-print files, if we are designing for you, then the time frame starts once we have your approval to proceed with printing.

Example: If you placed an order Monday before 11:00 am and the product you are ordering takes 4-5 business days, your order would be printed and delivered by Friday or Monday by end of day.

Many of our printing products have an option to rush the order – this could be adjusted in the “Receive in” option. If you need your order quicker than that, give us a call to see if your order is eligible for quick digital printing.

Can I get a proof before printing?
If we are designing for you, we will send an email asking you to login to approve proof or reject it. If you do reject it please add notes of what needs to be done then click “save.” This is not for exact colour matching rather for you to proof-read the text and layout. If you are submitting your own ready-to-print files we do not send proofs. The reason we no longer send proofs is that it is an antiquated process that never matched the final product. It also adds cost and delays which do not correspond with the majority of customers needs in today’s busy & competitive market.

*** All files received do go through our pre-press process to make sure that our basic specifications like safe zones, bleeds & minimum resolutions are met.***

Can I make changes to my order after it is placed?
Orders go into imposition very quickly, usually within an hour or two. If you do need to make a change please call us A.S.A.P. at 514-457-7411

What if I need to make a critical change to files that are already printing?
If it is too late to switch files then we can try to offer you a cut-rate on a re-print. If you need to do this please give us a call so that we can set this up for you.

Can I get samples of items that you have printed?
We can definitely send you samples, simply go to our contact us page and let us know what you would like to see and to whom and what address to send them to.
Are the colours going to match?
Our guarantee for colours is within a 5% margin from what is set in your files and not your monitor. Colours from one monitor to the next can vary, also monitors display RGB colours and our printing is C.Y.M.K. “full colour process.”
Please note: Matching colours perfectly in printing is possible but it requires Pantone colours but it is very expensive, about $350 per pantone colour on top of regular printing costs. When people understand this they can appreciate the small variance in colours with C.M.Y.K printing
Do you do Pantone colours?
At this moment we do not offer Pantone colours, everything we do here is full colour C.Y.M.K or black and white for smaller digital jobs that require it.
What barcode type do I require?
If you are not sure what type of barcode your unit uses please try scanning the codes below. It should read once scanned what is written underneath the barcode. You may see that your unit is capable of reading different formats, the idea here is just to pick one that does scan properly.

Barcode 128
Barcode 39
Barcode EAN8
Barcode EAN13

How do the time frames work?
Please note that the posted time frames are very accurate but are not guaranteed unless rush services are selected. If a rush services is selected and by the odd chance it gets delayed, we would issue a full refund if the product can no longer be used. We may require to have the complete order returned to us for recycling.

Please note: rush time frames are business days and do not include any national holiday.

A clear description of business days and cut off times can be found here

What can cause delays on our regular time frames?
-Power failures, equipment failures, weather conditions, nation wide holidays not just provincial.
-If files are not properly set up it will more than likely cause a delay.
-If you require graphic design services, this will definitely add to the time frame. The amount of time is all dependent on the complexity of the project, how the approval process goes and the workload that we have at the time.
*If time frames are critical to you, please select a quicker time frame than your absolute deadline. So if an issue does arise we have enough time to correct it.
Should I have borders in my design?
It is not recommended to use any borders in any of your designs, as it is more than likely to not exactly be the same size on all edges. This is an industry issue that happens because of the movement of the cutting blade up to 1/8”. This is why bleeds and safe zones are required on all files which masks these slight imperfections. Adding borders actually emphasizes the issue.

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